2016 Australian Financial
Fitness Index

Exclusive to Map My Plan

Personal finance issues are the leading cause of stress in Australia, and financial wellbeing is recognised as an integral part of overall wellbeing. Yet, to date, very little research has been done in Australia to measure the state of our financial fitness.

This is our second year of undertaking the Financial Fitness survey and index of working Australians, and it is an important step in benchmarking how financially fit we are as a nation. We understand the importance of body mass index in measuring physical health, and how an exercise and diet plan can help us make improvements. This survey aims to do the same for our financial health.

Download the report to read about:

  • How Australians measure up in four key pillars of financial health
  • How worried Australians are about the state of their finances
  • Our capacity to absorb financial shock
  • How many working Australians plan for their financial futures
  • How financially 'free' working Australians feel they are
  • Differences in generations, gender and geography in key financial areas